How to add a comment

Report Link

When you open your report link, our details are on the cover page, followed by an index and general summary details for maintaining a property.


In each room, next to the text section of the inventory report, you will see a "tenants comments" box on the right hand side. You can use this for making comments directly into our reports. Comments made will be recorded and automatically save, so we know both by who, and, when your comments where added.

Please sign the document at the bottom of the page after making any comments.


Adding Photos

By phone or from the camera roll

When looking through the report, there will be a "camera" icon located on the right hand side next to each item which has been inspected. We allow you to add photos into the report so that you can ensure nothing is missed.

If you have any issues using this function please do get in touch. Please note, once the report has been closed, usually after 2 weeks, photos and comments can no longer be added.

Finding a lost report


If you loose the link

Contact our team so that we can resend this to you. If you are not the main tenant for the property we may not be able to provide this directly to you, so make sure your agent or landlord has given us all tenants details from the outset. We will always re-send to all parties so everyone is aware.

Additions to Reports


Additional Information

Making sure we have every detail within the report is essential, so you may have additional documents such as EPC, Gas Safety Certificate, EICR etc that you would like included. Or, as a landlord you may wish to add extra information for tenants, so please contact us and let us know how we can support you.