Deposit Claims

Our Reports


When making a claim on a deposit we highlight all damages within the "actions" section found on the penultimate page of the report.

Additional Items

If there are any items within the report which are not highlighted, then would ask you to contact us within 7 days, allowing us to review any areas of the report.

Action Reports

Upon request we can provide you with action reports for your properties to save you time in making claims and sending directly to tenants. Please see the sample below and contact us for more details on making this work for you.


Landlord and Tenant Maintenance

Landlords Maintenance

When inspecting properties we always highlight any areas of concern which our clerks identify as landlord maintenance items, helping you manage the property getting any works necessary completed.

Tenant Maintenance

When dealing with checkout reports, we highlight damages and changes to the property which take into consideration fair wear and tear, for the duration of the term of tenancy. Guidelines for this are set out by the arbitration services.