Property Inspection Service

Mid-tenancy Inspections

About our inspections

RM Inventories inspection clerk will provide a report making an  assessment of the property for any damages, maintenance issues, misuse of residence and any visual signs of over occupancy. 

We can manage the full process from booking appointments to providing notice, ensuring that you can make the appointments that you need within a fixed regular inspection period.

Should I inspect the property?

Every homeowner will be required to inspect their property at some time during the tenancy, this can vary so you need to consider your property. For some properties such as Houses of Multiple Occupation (HMO's) there are legal requirements to ensure that spaces are regularly inspected.

Inspections provide homeowners with the information that they need to manage the property and accurately document the progressive condition of the property, highlight any issues in advance.

So how often do I need to inspect the property?

Due diligence is required for all homeowners and therefore inspecting the property every 6 months is recommended. You should make sure that you have accurate records of when you inspect the property and document this accordingly.

Making sure you inspect the property will also give you a good opportunity to review and safety aspects of the property.

For properties such as Houses of Multiple Occupation (HMO's) there are a number of legal requirements to the property that you should inspect every 3 months. 

For further assistance on this please do not hesitate to ask.