Inventory & Schedule of Condition

Tenancy Reports


RM Inventories report provides you with a highly-detailed photographic-inventory report, which can be provided within just 24 hours from the day of the appointment, meaning a faster and more prompt turn around for Tenants, Landlords and Agents. Our thorough process for documenting will help you manage properties and any claims necessary.


With our system all parties are able to view reports quickly online, with complete privacy from any computer or mobile device. We provide you with the ability to add any additional notes to the report and also photos before signing online to finalise all documentation.


We understand that a great Inventory can ensure that all parties are protected throughout the tenancy and management can be simplified, by providing an accurate and complete report of the whole property.

If you provide us with the tenants details for our online signature facility, we can arrange to send the report directly, also allowing us to track when the tenants open and read the document. If the tenants do not sign, we always have this record for you, allowing us to know when your reports where viewed.

We advise all tenants to make sure comments and photos are added to the report, allowing this access means we provide fair and reasonable opportunity to highlight any specific issues.


Our staff are trained to AiiC and ARLA standards, and background checked for all parties safety.


If you would like to discuss your property and and special requirements that you may have then please get in touch.