From Check-in to Check-out

Tenancy Reports

​Check In & Out

When handing keys over or collecting key for all tenancy handovers, our inventory clerks will provide the current meter readings and will ensure that an explanation is provided as part of the handover for any possible damages or concerns.

A simple handover process can ensure that all tenants have all of the information that they need when either entering or leaving the property. So from finding the location of the bins, to the local doctors our inventory clerks are able to support your tenants when moving into any property. We can personalise any welcome to a home so let us know how we can support you further.


We understand that a great Inventory can ensure that all parties are protected throughout the tenancy and management can be simplified, by giving accurate and complete documentation of the whole property.

Further to this we provide an online signature facility to secure agreement on the final document for all parties and our staff are trained to AiiC and ARLA standards.


If you would like to discuss your property and and special requirements that you may have then please get in touch.