Safety Alarms

Smoke Alarms

Landlords Obligations

It is a landlords obligation to make sure that they provide a smoke alarm within every residential property prior to the introduction of a tenant. We would advise that a smoke alarm is provided for each floor, in order to provide maximum safety. Safety obligations for HMO properties are very specific and we would advise you to contact us for further details.

Tenant Obligations

Tenants are required to test alarms frequently, when a property is handed over alarms may be working, however should a fault arise, they need to check the battery and report and maintenance to the agent or landlord. Covering or disabling alarms can lead to legal action, due to the impact on safety for occupants and surrounding properties. 

Heat Alarms


Heat alarms should be located within the kitchen area where required, these alarms will specifically detect heat and not carbon smoke. As a result these are effective in a kitchen area to raise the alarm in the even of a fire and not due to normal cooking.


Where provided tenants must always make sure these alarms are also tested in order to protect the property. We would advise testing alarms on a regular basis to ensure you are protecting yourself and the property.

Carbon Monoxide Alarms


Carbon Monoxide Alarms (CO Alarms) are required to be located next to, or near any open burning flame. We would also advise one to be located near any boiler unit for the safety of all tenants.


Making sure you test these alarms regularly is essential to protecting you. Any issues with batteries or general faults should be reported.