Protecting your deposit

Its always worth protecting your deposit whether you are a landlord or a tenant, for tenants this commonly means that the property condition is accurately recorded so that the deposit can be released quickly but this also applies for landlords. Landlords need to protect the deposit so that they can make the claim that they need to so working together is essential, and understanding the impacts that you have during your tenancy will help you manage this situation at the end. Again whether you are the landlord or the tenant there is a line of responsibility that both parties must meet with recording damages.

Tenants always have the most responsibility, being the key holder puts you in prime position so you will always need to notify the landlord in advance of any issues with the property. Doing so in writing and getting all actions agreed in writing is a sensible way to ensure that hearsay is never an issue.

Landlords beware, there are many issues which tenants will not be obligated to notify you about and this will effect that deposit that you may look to claim on, but fail to inspect the property and any progressive issues which could be related to any number of things such as damp or rot are not going to be items that you can claim for. A routine inspection program can ensure that you take action on all those items you where about to miss, or correct any tenants before issues get worse!

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