Why do I need an Inventory?

Many landlords have asked this, but the answer is simple, to provide you with the legal protection your property requires in order to claim upon the held deposit. With arbitration services becoming harder and harder on landlords and agents who fail to correctly document the property prior to, and at the end of any tenancy there are more and more cases being gifted to tenants.

So why choose us?

Well our clerks are trained to an industry standard, but not only this we work with the most passionate people who are dedicate to the service and the quality of our reports. We understand how just a few moments at the start and end of a tenancy to handover a property and sign back responsibility can ensure that all parties have a fair opportunity to inform and be informed about the property in hand, avoiding any disputes in the first instance.

Our reports are also designed to detail and photograph all properties in a consistent and accurate manner, we then provide all parties with a copy within just 24 hours allowing you to review the document before signing off. Our document chain ensures all records are securly stored via ourselves.

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