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Time and time again, issues with cleaning at the end of a tenancy arise. Knowing the difference between a domestic clean and a professional clean are under dispute?

Firstly, it's usually very clear of the cleaning standard of a property due to way in which we document each and every room. Whilst not all professional cleans are perfect, a similar condition should always be provided at check out, these items therefore do not excuse tenants from making arrangements for the property to be professionally cleaned upon vacation. You may be charged for the areas which require further cleaning.

Cleaning companies are professionals in what they do each and every day, the standard offered by most is above and beyond a standard domestic clean. We would always advise making special arrangements for you to clean your property, allowing suitable time and employing a reputable company to complete any cleaning works.

As cleaning comprises of the majority of claims, its always worthwhile to ensure a swift and easy check out process.

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